official album announcement


This past summer I recorded a cello album, and it’ll be released in a month!

The album is called Lucid and is a collection of dream world cello sounds, some that I heard and played, and some that other people wrote down for me to play. It is the result of collaboration with several wonderful folks: Ken Shorley, my chief recording wiz; some composer friends – Liam Elliot, Adam Langille, and Lucas Oickle; Ellen Gibling, who lent her amazing harp soul for one track; and Ross Koopmans, who is currently working on the mastering.

In an auspicious coincidence, my friend Sam Wilson also recorded an EP of beautiful solo guitar compositions at the same time. To celebrate the release of our creations, we are going to do a little Nova Scotian tour together, performing in Wolfville, Antigonish, and Halifax. Sam is a courageous human with so much heart and I’m looking forward to hearing her music.

If you are into social media, here are links to the Facebook event pages:

If you aren’t in Nova Scotia this December but are interested in acquiring a copy of the album, Lucid will be available on Bandcamp in digital and physical forms at that time.


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