open waters

The air in Nova Scotia has been rather festive as of late, so festive as to knock down a few trees. On Christmas day, a leaf blew into my face so hard that I thought I might be bleeding. But nay, no scars, just an echoing fragment from one of Chögyam Trungpa’s poems… “…watching the winter crescent moon, suffering from the bitter wind.”

Even so, the hearts are still warm. It’s been lovely to spend some time back on this peninsula with its friendly folk. Sam Wilson and I had a successful tour around the province together, complete with a little snowstorm to make our journey to and from Antigonish extra exciting. If you are curious about Sam’s guitar compositions, they are online here. If you would like to check out my album or support my work, either of those things can be accomplished through my Bandcamp page. Much gratitude to all who attended our concerts, fed us, housed us, or sent good vibes.

On JANUARY 5, New Hermitage will be playing at the OPEN WATERS festival in Halifax! Our guitarist (Ross Burns) will be away spending three months in Chile this winter, but we’ll have our classic trio format of sax, concert harp, and cello. Andrew recently acquired a bass clarinet, so that might make an appearance as well… I’m very excited to be performing at Open Waters—it’s an interesting assembly of adventurous music-makers from across Canada, a special combination of beautiful and strange for Halifax every year. More info, schedule, and tickets here.

Here’s a live New Hermitage video from July, I hope it can bring some warmth into your day. Or cold, if you need that instead, warm place folk.

Peace and love,


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