solo cello tour 2020

Hi! I hope your 2020 is off to a lovely beginning. I didn’t used to think much about the Gregorian year changing, but this year I’ve felt very impacted by the digit transition social consciousness.

I am writing to announce some solo cello dates, which are coming up soon. I’ll be performing some very cool music by Fjóla Evans, Philip Glass, Michael Harrison, Kaija Saariaho, Giovanni Sollima, and a new piece that I wrote inspired by Australia burning. It’s a set of ethereal songs that link ancient and modern, nature and humanity, Eastern and Western musical languages, sounds that bring out the dreaminess of our modern reality. I’ll be performing in halls sometimes, indie music venues other times, finishing with a recital on the Scotia Festival of Music Chamber Players series, my most favourite chamber music festival, in my native place of Halifax.

01.30 – Montréal, QC – Café Résonance – 9pm info

02.02 – Ottawa, ON – Cinqhole – w/ Chrissy, Freaky Boos, & (dj) Pink Veil – 7pm info

02.05 – Toronto, ON – Canadian Music Centre – 8pm info

02.06 – Guelph, ON – Silence – 7:30pm info

02.07 – London, ON – St. James Church – w/ Andrew Noseworthy – 7:30pm info

02.16 – Sackville, NB – Sunday Sessions – Thunder & Lightning – 7pm

02.19 – Halifax, NS – Scotia Festival Chamber Players Series – The Music Room – 7:30pm info

Also, my 2017 album, Lucid, has been re-released and is now on all of the major digital streaming platforms. You can check that out here. CDs are still available on Bandcamp here or at live performances.

by Nick Wilkinson

In New Hermitage news, we had a blast on tour in November. We were also lucky to have some new appropriately dystopian press shots captured on old-fashioned film by our friend Nick Wilkinson. And, in what Grid City magazine termed “a classical coup d’état” (ha!), we were unexpectedly awarded “Classical Recording of the Year” by Music Nova Scotia. To celebrate the award, we’ll be playing a show during my visit to Nova Scotia with bass clarinetist Jeff Reilly, February 13 at St. Paul’s Church in Halifax.

Well wishes to you, hope to see you out in the world ~


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