livestream may 6

I hope this message finds you well during this extraordinarily bizarre time.

I am writing to let you know that on Wednesday, May 6, I will be making a little live-streamed cello offering at 8pm EST/9pm ADT, presented by Living Room Live, an organization that books house concert tours through BC and the prairies. Obviously, live touring isn’t going to happen anytime soon, so they’ve begun presenting some live-streamed concerts.

I’ll be performing from my family’s house in Halifax, Nova Scotia, where I’ve been living since the world locked down in March. As I slowly get back into playing music after something of a hiatus, I’ve been really interested in older music, the bubonic plague, and revolutions. So I’m going to play a short set of things that I’ve turned to lately, including works by J.S. Bach, Hildegard von Bingen, Tobias Hume, Guillaume de Machaut, and a new improvised composition of my own. A medieval/baroque/modern palette of sounds that I hope might speak to someone other than myself.

Live-streaming seems very far-removed from experiencing music together in a physical space, but if it can bring some warmth and connection, I am so down to experiment with it. If you are down too, see you soon in cyberspace for some cello music.

Wednesday, May 6, 8pm EST on The Internet

Facebook event:

Streaming link for those without Facebook will be posted here shortly before the beginning of the event:

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