“A truly exceptional display of unparalleled talent, Gailey certainly does justice to all the composers, and her own work is certainly just as luminous, which makes for a first rate listen in the area of contemporary classical sounds.”
–Tom Haugen, Take Effect, September 2022

“Richness in its simplicity… It’s approachable and alive. Even if you think you don’t like classical music or contemporary compositions, with Gailey you will never miss the lyrics.”
Morgan Mullin, The Coast, January 2021

“India Gailey’s second album to you through is resolute in its lonesomeness … she embodies the reflection and longing of solo interpretation.”
Claire Biddles, The Wire, May 2022

“Gailey’s album flows like poetry… If I could have a soundtrack playing the next time I am surfing a standing wave in a canoe, this would be it.”
Cheryl Ockrant, The Whole Note, May 2022

“India Gailey is a fascinating young musician – a truly original thinker.”
Simon Docking, Scotia Festival of Music, February 2020

“she uses her considerable technique to amplify the material’s humanity and render the essence of the piece into its fullest expressive form…she clearly engaged herself fully with the compositions in order to make each performance come to life as vividly as possible.”
–Ron Schepper, Textura, June 2022

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