New Hermitage

new hermitage open form

New Hermitage arose from an imagined future in which dangerously high levels of toxicity have rendered the cities of the world uninhabitable, causing the remaining humans to live in the sparse wilderness that remains. A few people returning to the cities, new hermits, armed with patience and tenderness, work with nature to restore our planet. A collection of compositions, improvisations, and pre-recorded sound, New Hermitage aims to connect to the beauty of environmental timbres that surround us in every moment. Led by Andrew MacKelvie (woodwinds), and featuring Ellen Gibling (harp), Ross Burns (guitar), and India Gailey (cello), New Hermitage is comprised of musicians from Halifax’s New School of improvisation arising from Jerry Granelli’s Creative Music Workshop. New Hermitage released an EP and a series of concert videos in fall 2017.


photo by Bruce Dienes

Bonsai is a cello-percussion duo from Nova Scotia featuring India Yeshe Gailey (acoustic and amplified cello) and Ken Shorley (frame drums, percussion and live electronics). The group combines influences from Jazz, Indian, Middle Eastern, and Western art musics, with a keen ear for playful improvisation, spontaneous beauty, and a deep groove. Bonsai plays organic adaptations of melodies from the ancient worlds, alongside freshly sprouted original works, with some pieces incorporating live looping and remixing.

The Swallowtails

The Swallowtails are Anna Wedlock, fiddle, and India Yeshe Gailey, cello. Based in Halifax, NS, they perform original arrangements of Celtic tunes, and this fall they released their first EP!  The Swallowtails EP

Photo by Evan McMaster




3poissons in woods 3poissons unites two cellists of different generations, performing improvised music in harmony with natural spaces. Their poetic exploration of sound is inspired by the uncertain futures and vivid environmental phenomena related to climate change on planet earth. 3poissons is: Norman Adams, Principal Cellist of Symphony Nova Scotia and Artistic Director of suddenlyLISTEN Music, and India Yeshe Gailey, a cello graduate student at McGill.